About us

SpendMyBit.com was created for the BitcoinSV (BSV) community so that we could do more than just store or send BSV from our wallets.  The idea was to create an ‘Amazon’ like marketplace that enabled us to pay for products directly from BSV wallets.  There are currently over 6,000 products (across various departments) that you can shop and simply pay for using a BitcoinSV wallet.

We are keen on working with wallet providers and supply chain tech companies to bring about a shopping experience that businesses and consumers are used to, but at the same time radically changing the efficiency, compliance & tax process to speed up productivity and reduce running costs. 

SpendMyBit.com will be the start of an ever growing marketplace, that offers a platform for businesses across the globe to register, set up a store and start selling products.

‘’ I want people to actually do commerce, I don’t want people to be buying baggies, I want people to buy real services – cars, houses, coffee, shopping – and record  it’’… Dr Craig Wright, Coingeek conference London

So let’s start using BitcoinSV as real digital money!


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